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The most common mistakes of men and women in sex

All of us make mistakes. In work, in relationship, in sex. We often get angry at ourselves and promise that next we’ll improve the situation. And sometimes we succeed. But we don’t become happy. So what’s wrong?

The problem is we don’t always understand where we fail and try to improve things that don’t need to be improved. In this article you’ll learn what mistakes in sex men and women make and how to avoid them.

Main man mistakes

Trying to make sex better men always pay attention at technical side of the process. They think that all problems are caused by their poor sex skills and learn new technics and try to make their skills better.

But more often it has nothing to do with troubles. So where do men fail?

Mistake #1: wrong understanding of her when she doesn’t want sex

As we know men get excited really fast. Even a sight of a naked body can initiate erection. Female exciting is much slower.

Besides excitement is connected with woman’s imagination and it is not activated quickly. So don’t panic if a lady didn’t answer your call quickly. You should act slow, but surely and then everything’s gonna be ok.

Mistake #2: disappointment because of slow tempo

He wants it already and she is not ready yet. Familiar situation? There’s nothing to do, you can’t refuse physiology. And if a woman gets your low mood she is not gonna get excited at all. The solution is: get relaxed, don’t hurry and enjoy every second of being together.

Mistake #3: too fast approach to vagina

Again the trouble is caused by fuss. Yes, penis is the most erogenic zone of a man and it’s silly to think that women are the same. In fact premature genital stimulation can just sweep away all excitement.

The advice is the same: don’t hurry and pay attention at other attractive parts of her body.

Mistake #4: concentration on erection

If a man worries about his penis and not cumming too fast the woman can feel abandoned. To combine self-control with concerning about a woman the specialists recommend to keep verbal contact, telling her how much you want her. And if erection becomes weak it’s not a trouble. You got more time for a prelude.

If premature ejaculation happens it’s ok too, the woman will understand how much you want her. And also you got fingers and tongue.

Mistake #5: only vagina and nothing else

If a man wants to make woman climax only by vaginal sex, the strength of erection or its longevity won’t help. And if the jackhammer works too long, the woman will be bored and even get aches.

Remember: the clit is everything you need and if you know how to handle it, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Main woman mistakes

Women also tend to blame their disadvantages in intimate problems. Many women think that for sexual happiness they need body of a model and skills of a porn-actress. In fact neither this nor that is necessary. And the mistakes are made in following moments.

Mistake #1: Too gentle hints

For some reason women think that men must read their thoughts, and if they don’t it

can become a reason for a serious offence. Instead of telling about what they want women use hints. Gentle hints. Very gentle ones. So gentle that only women themselves understand them.

Our advice for ladies is: don’t try to use telepathy, just tell what you want.

Mistake #2: I want but I remain silent

All people tend to forget. So do men. And if a year ago you told him about some wish, don’t expect him to remember it in a minute. Just remind it and that’s all. In any case it will be more constructive, that being offended by a lack of attention. Be sure he’ll be glad to make you feel good. And if he forgot how to do it – don’t keep silence.

Mistake #3: I am faaaaaat!

Or my legs are not great, or breasts or something else. When a man sees a woman that he wants beside him, it’s not wise for her to concentrate on her disadvantages. Self-criticism reduces sexual desire to zero. And it’s not good, cause men also feel when they are not wanted. And you sweetheart keeps asking himself why? And he won’t understand that you don’t love yourself, not him.

So forget about creases on your waist and concentrate on feelings and fantasies. Your excitement will make you younger and more beautiful in his eyes.

Mistake #4: perfectionism

Surplus trying to plead a man leads to forgetting about your own pleasure. Somehow women worry if their actions are right in bed. In the end relaxation is left aside. Instead of it you have anxiety, pressure and total unsatisfaction in the end. Sure, i make everything for him and he – nothing for me. And it’s you or your perfectionism more exactly is to blame.

What shall you do not be caught in this trap? Just ask him what he likes. And it will be help not waste time on fruitless efforts.

Mistake #5: too gentle touches

Looks like women project their owт preferences on men. That’s why they barely touch male genitals or don’t touch at all. But men almost don’t have other erogenic zones.

We recommend: stop being shy and act with passion, but don’t overtry.

What shall one remember?

  1. The rule: “treat another person as you want him to treat you” doesn’t work often in sex.
  2. We often don’t know where we fail.
  3. It’s never late to work on your mistakes. Just work right on them.

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