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Sex as a present: how to do it right!

Is it easy for you to choose a present for your man? Probably not. He is better in electronics and in car accessories than you. And the vest was gifted last time. What to do? What about sex as a gift?

“How can it be a gift? we do it everyday” – you think. But we suggest doing something special for this time. Really outstanding and funny. And here are some interesting ideas.

The first way: right lingerie

We are sure you got many nice panties and body with laces and you look sexy in them. But it’s not enough for celebratory sex. We suggest you visiting a sex shop.

Check internet pages and choose something really lewd with slots for breasts and genitals. Don’t be afraid of buying stuff by correspondence: such things are made of stretching fabrics that will make you look tighter. Beware: such lingerie is made only for seducing not for wearing it for long time.

The 2nd way: intimate haircut

Most women take care of their bikini zone but for this case you’d better visit a special salon and ask to do something special. You can decorate yourself with a temporary tattoo, pastes, shave a heart or something else.

You should remember: the first visit must be done several weeks before the day. The hair should be shaved off and they need time to grow for necessary length. Of course you can learn working with wax and templates but in case if you are really persistent and brave.

The 3d way: a little bit domination

As a rule men are the ones who initiates sex. But this time you can take the bull by his horns. Just ask your man to do nothing and trust you. Then you bind his hands and blindfold him. And do everything you want, listen to your imagination (but don’t hurt him).

Closing eyes will enforce sensibility of other organs. That’s why every your touch will be felt stronger. Uncertainity will add more emotions – he never knows what you gonna do next second and can’t take part in the process. We advise you to prepare some additional things: a feather, a piece of ice and a puff

The 4th way: blowjob fireworks

There are many ways to verify oral sex. You can use the whole arsenal for the holiday.

You can suck penis having garnered some champagne or warm coffee in your mouth. Feeling from mint chewing gum or candy also can be interesting. The prototype of it is so called scottish blowjob, when a girl pour some pure scotch in her mouth.

Geishas make so called pearl blowjob – rolling little beads around penis with their tongues.

And if you are ready for many things for your man you can master royal blowjob technics, so called “deep throat” (we have already written about this technique).

The 5th way: anal sex

If you never tried it, it’s time. We recommend to buy an anal paste – a plug with a sparkling stone. If you place it beforehand it will help to stretch anus and it takes away painful moments. Besides the sight of this accessory is exciting. But don’t forget about lubricant.

The 6th way: pair massage session

If you live in a big city there must at least one erotic massage salon. Services for pairs can be found in most of salons. Such an unusual present will be reminded for long time. And besides after the process is done, they can leave you both alone for some time to release collected emotions during the massage.

All these ideas can be used separately giving something new for your partner every time or mixed with each other in different combinations. Also you can make a little stylish present like a belt or a purse. But it’s not necessary to await a special day.

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