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How to have a shower together

Adult dating assumes more interesting ways to spend time together. If you think that this article is about making love in a shower, you are wrong! Sex in shower have become trivial long ago. Today we will offer you a list of very pleasant things that you can do with your partner while having a shower together.

Pour a peeling lotion on each other’s backs

Rub each other’s backs with scrub that has an exquisite fruit odour. Just imagine how it is pleasant when somebody rubs great exfoliant with a palm and you twist exposing your side or shoulder.

Wash each other’s heads

Head massage is always nice. Remember your feelings in salon! And when it’s done by your sweetheart it is heavenly pleasure!
Besides head has many erogenic points, so it can become a real prelude.

Make a soap massage

Pour some gel on your partner’s skin and massage his or her body. You can do it with hands, and you try some technics from Thai massage which is done with the whole body. Do it for each other and after you wash the foam off, go to the bed as fast as possible!

Kiss under the shower

Of course you can kiss wherever you are. But believe me, under shower this gives very special feelings.

Turn off the lights and light candles

It will create a romantic atmosphere and will tune you in a right way. If the candles are aromatic it will be especially great, but in this case you should think if the smell will be harmonized with odour of your favourite cleanser.

Just stand under the shower

Take a shower together not because you are dirty or you need to go to work soon. Do it just for seeing your partner naked and feel each other’s skin. And have pleasure being together.

Wash each other

It’s so great when you are washed like child from head to legs. It can be done softly or strongly, making blood circulation faster. Pay special attention to private parts. It always excites and makes you closer.

Dry each other with a soft towel

Also quite pleasant and exciting thing to do. Not gonna tell you much – just try it once and you want to repeat again.

Use fragrant lotion

This will let the feeling of pleasure to live in your body longer. The smell of lotion will remind you about what happened till the next morning when it’s time to have shower again.

Take champagne and strawberries

Whipping cream and chocolate mousse will be good too. You can not only eat them, but also play, smearing each other with them. You won’t have to worry about sheets: the shower will wash away all trails of your fun.
We are sure you can make the list of exciting and pleasant things to do in shower longer. Please share your ideas with other readers in commentary section!

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