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How to give pleasure to a woman with fingers

Fingering is a great alternative to traditional sex. It can help when you finished and she didn’t. It can be done in any place be it metropolitan or a cinema. It can a woman great feelings that she won’t get from vaginal or anal sex or cunnilingus.

It’s much easier to make a girl climax with your fingers than with your tongue. Everybody who knows how to do it forget about problems with erection or female orgasm absence. And to those who don’t know we recommend to read this article.

Although those who practice fingering will find much interesting here.

We offer to our readers a set of technics that can differ hand work and freshen sex life.

Open the hood

The head of a clit is covered by so called hood. When woman is excited enough the hood

opens up and the pearl of the clit looks out.

Physiologically the hood is the extension of small labia. It is sensible itself and one can fondle it in the very beginning of a prelude. For this one should slide fingers across labia bottom-up. In some time one can start working with the clit.

Try to find G-spot

People still argue about existence of this spot. Many think that it’s just a myth. But it really exists. First it can be found only if  woman is very excited and second it is located not where many people looks for it. Usually man enters his finger into vagina and makes a movement like “come to me”. Sometimes it’s not comfortable for a woman and she asks to stop.

In this case try this: enter two ot three fingers and massage spot on the front wall. When woman is aroused G-spot becomes firm and rises. It’s not real to find this spot if arousal is not strong enough.

Put your palm on vagina

It’s an easy trick and it’s better to use it in the beginning. Just put your palm on big labia and press a little bit.

It will make blood stream and arousal stronger. And you can fondle other parts of her body with your other hand.

Pubis play

Pubis doesn’t seem to be a sensitive place. But playing with it can stimulate a clit. It’s better to stroke it towards clit, easily pressing with a lower part of a palm.

Labia massage

Large labia should be payed attention at more. This part is not very sensitive, but still working with it can give a positive response.

Massage it easily using thumb and pointing finger, If a girl doesn’t shave hair you and pull the labia by it.Such playing doesn’t stimulate clit itself but gives very good feeling.

Go in circles

No need to hurry, tease her a little bit. Putting some lubricant on your finger make circle movement around the clit, trying not to change the force. This is the women arouse themselves.

Touch cervix

Not all girls like it, but your girlfriend like deep penetration, she will like it. Just put your finger to the end of vagina and do some circle movements around cervix.

One must be very careful in this zone and make movements stronger only if she likes it.

Should it be said, that hands must be clean and nails must be cut short?

Change the pose

Fingering can be different if you change the pose. It’s simple but it can give new feelings. If you got used to do lying on a back, get on side or on all fours. Maybe in a new pose fingering will be more pleasant and exciting.

By the way if she didn’t like the first pose, don’t be afraid to experiment. Maybe she will like another one.

Pay attention at entrance

Sexologists say that the most nerves are placed near the entrance of vagina. That’s why you should enter your finger and make circle movements. If the vagina is moist enough, you can stretch it a little bit.

Play the piano

Put your pointing and middle finger around the clit and press them as if you play the piano. Also you can move fingers and back and forth. Rhytmic movement will arouse woman quickly.

Later you can put your finger on a clit itself and play with it.

Cowgirl on your hand

You can sit her on your hand and she can rub herself on your hand. When time is right move your palm in tact with her.

Such a technic will allow stimulate the larger spot and force of the impact won’t be too strong. It’s good for very sensible women.

Use both hands

Open the labia with one hand and start fondling the clit with the other. Having opened labia you’ll get an access

to hottest spot. Besides woman will feel herself absolutely helpless and it will make her more excited.

Fondle her through the panties

This technic will be good for women with very sensible clit. Fondling through the fabric is very pleasant and is perceived in another way. It’s good if panties are made of silk. Finger sliding is more soft in this case. And if you want to caress a clit itself, panties can be put aside a little bit, it is very exciting.

Let her lead

To understand the way she likes, watch her masturbating. Maybe she will be shy to it in front of you. Than just ask her to show you the right way. Just put her hand in yours and let her do the work.

Extensive fondling

More often clit is impacted from side to side or bottom-up. Girls like both variants and can get climax. Sexologists advise squeeze a clit a little bit and rub it like if you make a ball of a gum. Stimulation in this case will be extensive. Don’t forget about lubricant.

We are glad if the article is useful for you. But we’ll be even more glad if share your ways in commentary section.

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