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Erotic massage: how to do and how not to

They say erotic massage is a universal key to pleasure. But only in cases when it’s done in a right way.

In many cases it’s done quite fast and not interesting: rubbing his back with your nipples, massaging his hands and shoulders a little bit.

And where is the expected heavenly pleasure? Instead of it there are some unskilled movements that can initiate irritation. It’s better to raise your skills and this article will tell you how to do it.

So what’s wrong?

In a nutshell: everything. But you need more information, don’t you? Here it is.

The 1st mistake: wrong environment

Imagine a situation, a girl lying on her belly, murmuring while you massage her back. She opens her eyes and sees your socks that you took off and put aside. The romantic mood will go away quickly.

Trifles like a mess in a flat, dirty ashtrays can destroy all the mood, which you tried to create by lighting aromatic candles and trying to make an intimate twilight.

If you decided to make massage please prepare your flat according to rules and norms. And don’t forget to switch off your telephone.

The 2nd mistake: wrong temperature

Cold flat, cold hands or cold massage oil can raise anxiety not pleasure. Warm things will stimulate blood rushing to skin and make sensibility higher.

But too hot is no good too. The temperature of the air and massage oil must be comfortable. Try to find it.

The 3d mistake: wrong duration

Erotic massage can be a kind of a prelude. And it shouldn’t be too short. Doesn’t matter who of you is in active position, no need to hurry.

But don’t make it too long: it can become boring at some moment. How to understand when it’s time to stop? It’s very individual. But in special salons the seance longs from 40 minutes to 1 hour. And they know what they do!

The 4th mistake: wrong movements

Two extremities can take place. Some people think that if you make massage, do it as it should be done: deep and good.

As a result we got a good medical practice, but it’s not erotic at all. Others think that it should be done in a very gentle and careful way. As a result it can be very ticklish.

Actually erotic massage supposes the same stroking and patting as a usual one, but in a more gentle and slow way.

And it should be done without pauses. So you should find the right way again.

The 5th mistake: everything is planned

People who tend to be perfectionists try to be perfect in everything. It’s good but it can prevent getting pleasure. And if the masseur is stressed and looks up in massage manual from time to time his or her partner won’t get relaxed.

Theoretical preparation is important, but don’t compensate absence of spontaneity by it. Either you both have pleasure from massage or none of you.

Erotic massage: how to do

The 1st step: preparation

We already told about preparing the room, but it’s not enough. Both partners should be relaxed and in a good mood. So it’s better to do it before the day off not to think about next working day.

Taking a shower is a good start – if you both take it you’ll get relaxed.

Take care about soft towels and plush blanket beforehand. Put the blanket on a bed, then put a soft towel and one towel is necessary for body parts that don’t take part in massage.

Twilight should be done beforehand, candles should be lit right before the procedure.

The 2nd step: main one

Order of body parts that you massage can be different but we recommend (not insist) to start with a head. The part of it that is hidden under hair (you should do it with clean hands, use oil later). The main rule is: start far from the center and get closer to it step by step.

Not only the order is important but the way you treat body is important too. You can do whatever you want with a back: from gentle strokes to petrissage. Ass can treated more actively. And as for breasts, one should be careful: they can be very sensitive especially during the period. Stroking all of it and tingling nipples will be good, but other activity should be concerned with the woman.

Inner surface of of thighs and hands is very sensitive. Soft and gentle touch and strokes are preferred here, but no tingling.

There is no ready scenario: in any case you should watch your partner’s reaction and act according to it. Don’t make pauses even short ones. Even if you want to drink water or scratch your hand. If you want to scratch, help yourself with one hand, but the other should be on your partner’s body.

The 3d step: final one

Nobody knows how massage can end. Maybe the partner will get excited and you’ll have sex. Maybe you don’t want to stop the process and lead your partner to climax (we hope you know the word “fingering”). And also your partner can fall asleep under your hands. It doesn’t mean that you did something wrong. In fact you managed to relax him or her completely.

If your partner sleeps let it be. Sooner or later he will wake up and you’ll get your part of personal happiness.

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