It’s Angelina’s fault!

It’s Angelina’s fault! 0

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Apparently, talking smack about celebrities and their Oscar-wear comes at a price. The instant I hit “publish” on yesterday’s ranty post, things immediately went awry. I suppose that’s the type of karma that gets thrown your way when you call Angelina Jolie “frumpy”.

(Although let’s face it…she looked totally frumpy.)

Allow me to detail the bad ‘ish that went down yesterday, and you’ll see what I mean.

1. Backsplash letdown

Yesterday, our beautiful new subway tile backsplash was supposed to be installed. Because Scott and I live a very, very boring life (and care way too much about our kitchen) we had been looking forward to this all month.

And then they didn’t show.

Apparently, they ran over on another project, and will be starting our installation today…but they’re already thirty minutes late, so I’m a bit skeptical.

I think Scott’s text message put it best:




2. Chili disaster

Scott’s been working overtime this week, trying to finish dry-walling our garage before leaving for a snowboarding trip. Yesterday, I decided to spend my lunch break whipping up a batch of crock pot chili to surprise him when he came home from work. (Being that I only cook dinner about once a month, this would certainly be a surprise.)

My lack of cooking is not out of laziness — but more so due to the fact that Scott insists on making everything from scratch. Even mayonnaise. My tendency to use store-bought condiments as opposed to mixing them myself has me banned from the kitchen on most evenings.

Just as I was finishing up the chili, an unusual item in the pantry beckoned me.


The spoils from one of Scott’s trips to the mexican grocery aisle.

Against my better judgement, I dumped the entire can into the crock pot.

Long story short…Scott didn’t appreciate my chili. In fact, I believe the words “You are never allowed to make dinner again”, may have been uttered.

The sad part? Aside from being ridiculously spicy, the chili was delicious! (I would know as I forced myself to eat an entire bowl…even if it did take 45 minutes and six glasses of water.)


3. Bruises

In an attempt to de-stress, I took my aggression out on the bar at the gym last night.

Or maybe the bar took its aggression out on me?


So much for wearing a tank top anytime soon. (Not that it’s warm enough to, anyway.)

I did manage to increase my clean and jerk weight to ninety pounds…so at least there’s that.


4. Hole in my pants

Apparently, Jolie was hungry for a midnight snack last night.


She’s demonstrated such behavior before…but jeans? That’s some pretty thick denim for those little chihuahua teeth to bite through.

The worst part is that skinny GAP jeggings are my favorite pair of pants at the moment. I’m currently a little on the chunky side, and have found myself in a straight-up Regina George situation.


Looks like this fat-bottomed girl is taking an emergency trip to the mall this weekend.


With a Monday as problematic as that, you can see how I have a hard time believing this was simply “coincidence.”

Angelina Jolie, I’m blaming all of this on you and your sparkly sleeves of frumpiness!


I bet a chihuahua’s never eaten HER jeans.

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Fashion commentary from the girl who drinks alone

Fashion commentary from the girl who drinks alone 12

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How did you guys spend your weekend? Please tell me I wasn’t the only one cuddled up on the sofa, wearing every single piece of costume jewelry I own, nursing a bottle of Moscato I’d picked up at Costco specifically for the Academy Awards?


And the award for best melodramatic scream when wine spilled all over her sweatpants goes to…ME!!!

Being that we cancelled our cable, I was forced to watch the red carpet via live stream on my iPad. This worked out well, aside from the fact that I had the broadcast times slightly skewed. Assuming stars would be gracing the red carpet around 4:30 Central time, I was a tad bit early in popping the bubbly. By the time the real celebs started appearing–approximately 90 minutes later — I had sorta kinda accidentally polished off the entire bottle.

I’m sure it’s no surprise that didn’t end up making it to the actual awards ceremony as a result. (As I type this, I still don’t know who won any of the awards!)

Lucky for you, I was able to stay upright and conscious for the entire red carpet parade, and am delighted to be sharing my thoughts on the subject today. I’ve divided the evening wear into three categories:

Major (The best of the best.)

Meh (Not terrible, but underwhelming.)

More moscato, please! (I need some more vino to make that dress look good!)



Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani


I’d expect nothing less from a woman elegant enough to spell “Cate” with a C. The floral embellishments are lovely, and can we talk about those earrings for a second?!

It’s like the classy, movie star version of the nude, sparkly bodysuit Britney wore at the 2001 VMAs, which is probably why I love it so much.

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada


No surprise here! Lupita’s been killing the carpet all season long, and the Oscars was no different.  She looks like a modern-day Cinderella, but with better accessories.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture


There’s a lesson to be learned here, and that’s how crucial good tailoring is. This gown fits J-Law like a glove, which takes it from being so-so to so fabulous. The best part? Her gorgeous backwards necklace, of course!


Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves in Dolce & Gabbana


Best couple of the night! I love everything about this, and truly can’t decide which one of them looks more stunning. But most of all, I’m so glad Matthew finally put some weight back on.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum, designer unknown


My favorite dress of the night. Would love to have seen Amy Adams in something like this.

Julia Roberts in Givenchy Haute Couture


Homegirl just gets better with age. Loving the lighter hair on her, and the black lace peplum is age appropriate and oh so pretty!

Jared Leto in Saint Laurent


Umm…when did he get so cute?! Love the red bow tie and light-colored jacket. And beyond jealous of his flowing, perfectly ombred locks. (And, if I’m being totally honest, his long, skinny legs.)

Charlize Theron, designer unknown


I love how sculptural this is. Seriously, this woman–and her sickeningly perfect hair–can do no wrong in my eyes.

Kevin Spacey in Burberry


I could not love him any more. This stylish ensemble has officially bumped him into the number one spot on my celebrity crush list. (Sorry, Barack Obama.)

Gabourey Sidibe in Theia


Nailed it. That color is perfect on her, and petal like texture on the skirt is to die for. I could have done without the jeweled waistband, but she’s totally glowing, so I’ll allow it.

Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta


Finally!!! Jennifer is always so safe on the carpet — thank you Rachel Zoe for convincing her to take a risk! This blinged-out fringe takes her from boring to bodacious!

(Sorry…needed a word that started with “b” to make that work.)

Portia de Rossi in Naeem Khan


I think I just became a lesbian.

Kate Hudson, designer unknown


A knockout. (With a cape! Which is clearly the best type of knockout.)


Naomi Watts in Calvin Klein Collection


I really want to like this, but the styling just feels off to me. Her hair and makeup is marvelous, but the ‘do doesn’t match the dress. And the shoes? Pretty sure I wore those to Homecoming in 1999. Her necklace and clutch are the best part of this, for sure.

Brangelina in In Tom Ford (Pitt) and Elie Saab Haute Couture (Jolie)


Yawn. The best thing about this is Brad’s hair. Sure, they both look nice…but I’m quickly growing tired of Angelina’s long-sleeved fits-but-doesn’t-really-fit dresses.

Amy Adams in Gucci


Stunning dress in a boring color + grandma updo = disappointed Katrina. (At least the earrings are fun.)

Kerry Washington in Jason Wu


This color is breathtaking on her, especially with that lipstick. But the hardware on the bust line cheapens the look and I feel like her hair could have tried harder. Also? Wrinkles!!!! (On the dress…not her face.)

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, designer unknown


Seriously?? They’re still making the guest list?

More moscato, please!

Anne Hathaway in Gucci


It’s not terrible….but I wouldn’t wear it in public.

(Partly because I can’t afford Gucci…but that’s besides the point.)

Anna Kendrick in J. Mendel


She looks like she should be waiting tables at an Asian restaurant. (A ridiculously fancy Asian restaurant….but still.)

Pharrell Williams in Lanvin


While it’s really never okay to wear capri pants to the Academy Awards, they should especially be avoided by those who rock chicken legs and  calf tattoos.

Chrissy Teigen in Monique Lhullier


I feel a getup such as this is only acceptable when shooting a perfume commercial.

Elsa Pataky, designer unknown


Aaaaaand, I’m never getting pregnant.

All jokes aside, Elsa’s a gorgeous woman who’s looked beautiful and chic throughout her entire pregnancy–but this is not how you do maternity on the red carpet.

Liza Minnelli, designer unknown


“If Grover had a stage mom.”

Johnny Wier and Tara Lipinski, designers unknown


They look like they belong on top of a really ironic wedding cake.


What were your favorite looks of the night? Is anyone else experiencing an intense inner struggle as they try to decide whether Kevin Spacey or Jared Leto is their most favorite celebrity dream crush? I think I’m going with Kevin…only because Jared’s way prettier than me.





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Renting is sexy

Renting is sexy 5

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Last week, my very first order from Rent the Runway arrived. I was skeptical about the online service that specializes in lending out occasion wear, but knew there wasn’t room in my closet for yet another cocktail dress. (Admittedly, I have a problem with things covered in sequins.)

I added Clover Canyon’s Gatsby Print Flounce Dress to my cart, entered my credit card information, and hoped for the best. Would it accentuate my muffin tops? Make my legs look too short? Zip up all the way in the back?



The dress arrived right on time, the afternoon before my event. I hastily opened the package, sprinting upstairs to try the two different sizes I had ordered on. Much to my relief, the first one fit like a glove. And it was actually cute…? Could it be my venture into the world of online dress renting had actually been a success?


I proudly donned my Gatsby Flounce dress at the Justin Timberlake concert, feeling fabulous the entire time–I even received several compliments! The best part? I had avoided dropping an exorbitant amount of money on yet another frock I would wear once, before banishing it to the back of my closet until I had emotionally detached myself enough to donate it.

On the fence about trying RTR? Here’s why I think you should give it a go.

  • There’s an incredible selection to choose from. I had a difficult time narrowing my dozens of favorites down to just one dress.
  • There’s a dress for your budget. My rental was only thirty dollars!
  • They send you two sizes, doubling the likelihood that your dress will actually fit.
  • If neither of the sizes you rented fit, you can send them back for a full refund.
  • They overnight the dresses to you the day before your event. Delivery is guaranteed.
  • Shipping the dresses back is ridiculously easy. Just toss them in the pre-labeled (and paid) baggie, and drop them off at the UPS store.
  • Spills are covered! They have an in-house dry cleaner, so getting red wine all over the front of your outfit (like I did) is nothing to fret about.
  • They have amazing customer reviews, complete with photos. Reviewers make note of their height, weight and body-type, which make finding a dress that will work with your shape nearly fool-proof.
  • They send complimentary fashion tape with your rental. No nip slips, here!

Have I convinced you yet? Seriously…Rent the Runway is the way to do designer. It’s more affordable, less of a commitment, and the experience itself is such a treat. I can hardly wait until I have an occasion worthy of a second rental.

Speaking of which…a beaded Versace mini is totally acceptable for Tuesday night of Bingo at the VFW, right?

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The Fab Five: February 2014

The Fab Five: February 2014 2

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Oh, February. You’re bitterly cold, and not very exciting..but at least you have Valentine’s Day, Sochi, and Season 2 of House of Cards to offer. Maybe you’re not so terrible, after all.

Still, it never hurts to have five fabulous items to get you through the shortest month of the year. Here’s what I’m loving for the next three weeks.

1. Rent the Runway



I “borrowed” the above dress to wear to tonight’s Justin Timberlake concert, and couldn’t be happier with it. The entire RTR process has been so positive–I’ll definitely be using their services again. I love the fact that I can have a night out in a fabulous three-hundred dollar dress for only thirty bucks. Scott loves that I’m not adding to my already too-large collection of cocktail wear. I’ll be writing a full review on my experience next week…but if you’re on the fence about giving them a try, I highly recommend them!


2. The Olympics



The Olympic games certainly are magical, aren’t they? Not only in the sense that they unite athletes from around the world for competition, celebration and tradition…but also for the fact that they transform yours truly into a deeply crazed sports fan. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

While initially concerned our recent decision to cancel cable might hinder our viewing experience, NBC has pulled through with live WiFi streaming of nearly every event. In other words, I won’t be seeing my husband (or our iPad) for the next three weeks.


I literally awoke at 6 am to the sound of Scott fumbling for his phone before yelling, “Siri, what time is it in Sochi, Russia?!”

(Another reason the Olympics are magical — He’s only naturally woken up that early three times in the last 11 years.)


3. Stella & Dot

Remember the Tiffany’s necklace that quite literally turned me into an active (and very angry) Hawaiian volcano?

Thanks to Stella & Dot, I found a much more affordable (and just as fabulous) option.



Scott even congratulated me with a condescending “Good job, Katrina.” when I showed him my find. That’s definitely a first.

I’ve since become obsessed with the young, fun line, and am slowly starting to build a collection of fun new pieces…most of which are bracelets. “Arm party” might just be my new favorite phrase.


My current “mini” arm party.

I think I need to invite some more bracelets, don’t you? Namely, this one I’ve asked begged for as a Valentine’s Day gift.


4. Fig Butter


Tradey’s, you’ve done it again. This fig butter is sweet, delicious, and goes great with just about anything. Scott’s new favorite combo is a slice of celery filled with generous dollops of both fig and almond butter. He adores this new snack so much, he roused me from my slumber at half past midnight one evening, begging me to come downstairs so I might sample “The best thing I’ve ever made in my entire life!” (His words, not mine.)


5. Strip Eyelashes 


I started wearing these falsies in high school as part of my stage makeup routine for musicals, and now turn to them whenever I need a little extra “oomph” around my eyes. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d probably wear the more natural looking ones every day. Take it form me–fake lashes make a bigger impact than any other cosmetic “trick” out there.

In Smalltown, eyelash extensions are all the rage. I have three major problems with this:

  1. They’re really, really expensive.
  2. They look freakishly long and a little bit weird.
  3. The application process takes a million years, and you have to get them “filled” every couple of weeks.

I happen to prefer the look of strip lashes, not to mention their much lower price tag. Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens have a wide selection to choose from, and you can usually take home an entire kit for under seven bucks. Because I’m cheap (and possibly slightly unhygienic) I reuse my strip eyelashes until they’re no longer wearable.

As far as application goes, I prefer to pass on the tools, and simply apply a small dot of adhesive to my index finger, which I then run along the edge of the strip. Let the glue dry enough to get tacky before pressing along your lash line. (TIP: It helps if you already have you eye makeup–including eyeliner and a coat of mascara–on before you do this.) The first time might be a little tricky, but after a few practice sessions, you’ll be slapping those bad boys on like a pro. Your bank account will thank you, as will your dinner date who won’t have to pretend he doesn’t notice when one of your abnormally long extensions falls off and gracefully flutters into his caesar salad.

(And yes…I’ve heard of that actually happening.)


Seven days down, twenty-one to go. What products are you using to get you through the frigid temps of February?

Psst! Want more Fab Five posts? They’re all right here!

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