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I’m back home in beautiful Washington state today for a week of work. And when I’m not in the office, I’ll be engaging in the following activities:

  1. Repeatedly trying to convince my mom that me dyeing her hair is a good idea.
  2. Learning how to speed walk from my dad.
  3. Eating whatever new-fangled, gluten-free, hormone-free, sugar-free, nitrate-free organic power muffins my sister Hayley has recently baked.
  4. Going to coffee shops and trying to remember it’s “venti”, not “medium”. (My midwestern tendencies already caused a humiliating drink terminology slip-up this morning at Starbies.)
  5. Dining at swanky restaurants with friends while complaining about Minnesota weather and showing them way too many dog photos.

In other words, I’ll be giving up my nightly blogging habit for some quality time with friends and family. Also? It’s sixty-six degrees today. I’d much rather spend my twilight hours enjoying the above freezing temps than slaving away over tomorrow’s post.

(No offense.)

See you in a week!

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Want to waste your weekend without completely wasting it?

Want to waste your weekend without completely wasting it? 2

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Then might I suggest binge watching the following programs over the next couple of days? Sure…you may find yourself covered with potato chip crumbs as you try to wake up whichever one of your limbs has fallen asleep due to lack of movement…but you also might learn something!

Paycheck to Paycheck


Paycheck to Paycheck: The life and times of Katrina Gilbert chronicles the struggles of a single mom desperately trying to make ends meet in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The documentary recently aired on HBO (you can watch it on demand via HBO GO) and I knew I had to watch it–simply because the main character shared my name. (Shallow, but true.)

Five minutes in, I was completely captivated by Katrina’s powerful, extremely sad story. Guess what? Poverty in America is a huge problem, and so much more common than we realize. The most devastating part is that this cycle of impoverishment in the U.S. is nearly impossible to break given our current government programs and systems. I kept trying to come up with a viable solution for Katrina, and I just…well…couldn’t. This film was not only heartbreaking — it was a much-needed wakeup call.


COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey


COSMOS airs on both FOX and National Geographic, but Scott and I have been catching up via Hulu Plus. The show originated on PBS in the 1980s and was created by famed scientist Carl Sagan. The new version of the show is produced and hosted by Mr. Sagan’s protegé, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who I initially mistook for Lamar Burton. Scott nearly divorced me when I uttered “Hey…is that the Reading Rainbow guy??”

Scott, who holds a degree in Biology and loves all things scientific, is the reason I started watching the show. He regularly fits-pumps at the screen when Neil says something provocative, and has even stood up and started clapping vigorously on a couple of occasions. Yup — I married a science geek.

I, on the other hand, am the most non-scientific person you may ever encounter, yet still find the show fascinating. Neil breaks down complex concepts into layman’s terms, and I’m really enjoying learning more about the planet we call home. The world is an incredibly intricate and miraculous place — it’s nice to be reminded of how marvelous our everyday surroundings actually are.


True Detective


Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Need I say more? This tale of two mismatched homicide detectives covering a case in 1980’s rural Louisiana is delightfully addicting. Also? Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. (Just felt that was worth tossing out there again.)


30 for 30: The Price of Gold


This 2-hour documentary originally aired on ESPN, but is currently available on Netflix, and details the bat-ish-crazy drama that was the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal of 1994.  I was in fourth grade at the time, and remember the barrage of media coverage surrounding these two Olympic hopefuls as if it were yesterday. ESPN’s film shed a whole new light on what I remembered from the first time around, and provided an entirely different perspective and context.

I had originally planned on only watching the first twenty minutes before going to bed, but was instantly sucked into the bizarre, convoluted tale of competition and slander. It’s true what they say…real life often is stranger than fiction.


What’s been populating your boob-tube lately? Once I finish True Detective and The Americans, I’m moving onto Orphan Black. If the rumors are true, it’s the best thing since Breaking Bad.

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Let’s take a nap

Let’s take a nap 3

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This morning’s plan was to write a charming little post about the latest and greatest in my television arsenal. (Cut me some slack…there’s nothing else to do when it’s bitterly cold out.)

And then I woke up with a splitting headache. Also? Scott took my favorite cereal with him to work. All in all, a terrible start to the morning.

I’ve tried coffee. I’ve tried Tylenol. I’ve tried a heaping bowl of my second favorite cereal. Yet the throbbing in my head still remains.

So, I’ve decided forgo a “real” post, and instead am stealing an idea from an interior design blog I follow. Each week, Sarah creates a free printable to share with her readers. You simply download the PDF, print it out on some nice paper, and throw it in an 8×10 picture frame. Voila! Instant semi-art.

Today, I’ll be sharing my very first free printable with all y’all. It’s simple and graphic, inspired by the black and white gallery wall in my dining room.

I struggled with what I actually wanted the printable to say. Most of the ones I’ve seen have something positive and inspirational, like “Do what you love”, “Home is wherever I’m with you” or “Believe you can and you will”.

While these are lovely sentiments, they seemed a little too “fourth grade classroom kitty cat inspirational poster” for me. Creating a printable that said “Shine on, you crazy diamond” felt disingenuous to who I am as a person. So, I just went with the first thing that popped into my head.



I kind of love it.

Want to hang this beauty up in your bathroom? You can download your copy here.

That’s all I got. Happy napping, friends!

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Relax. It’s just a kangaroo.

Relax. It’s just a kangaroo. 1

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Feeling a little bit scatter-brained this morning, so apologies for the randomness that is today’s post. Being that I couldn’t come up with a cohesive theme to write about, I’ll simply be sharing two random adventures from Katrina-land. (It’s kind of like Disneyland…only with wine!)

Adventure 1:

This morning, as I went downstairs to refill my coffee, I noticed a strange reflection in our full length mirror. It ended up just being my kangaroo hide from Australia, innocently hanging off a chair in our living room.


Unfortunately, that’s not what I saw.

I saw a coyote that had somehow infiltrated the lower level of my home. Naturally, this caused me to scream uncontrollably, dropping my poor little coffee cup to the ground. It shattered into pieces, and the dogs were traumatized for the better part of two hours.

On the bright side, at least there wasn’t a live predator in the house.

Adventure 2:

Last night, I got suckered into helping Scott shovel all of the snow from our 30-yard driveway and the poop cul-de-sac in our backyard. That’s right…after all my problems with the melting snow, we got a fresh six inches on Monday night. Don’t even get me started on how it’s all supposed to melt over the next 48-hours before snowing again on Friday. (Thank God I’m heading to Seattle this weekend!)

But back to the shoveling. It took about an hour, and was completed after an especially strenuous CrossFit workout. Ten minutes in and I could barely feel my arms. The fact that it wasn’t particularly cold out only added to my misery as it meant I was sweating profusely the entire time. Just when I didn’t think I could scoop any more, Scott distracted me with an interesting inquiry.

“Do you ever feel like we live in a shed?”

The thought had never once crossed my mind, yet once he mentioned it, it made perfect sense. Our house is constructed with pole barn siding and is shaped like a series of cubes with a perfectly flat roof.


“You know,” I responded, “I’d never actually realized it, but yes! Our house totally looks like a fancy shed!”

“Right? From now on, let’s just call it ‘the shed’,” he suggested.

I nodded in agreement, my energy for snow shoveling renewed with the excitement of an official nickname for the house.

So, if you hear me referring to my dwelling place as a shed in future posts, now you know why.

(Hopefully it’s a shed that continues to remain coyote-free.)

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