My Favorite Things

Apologies for going AWOL yesterday. I was busy doing some really important research.

Alright, alright, I was watching Season 1 of AMC’s The Killing. I realize Betty Draper might shank me for saying this, but this new show just might be better than Mad Men.

(Sorry, Betty.)

To make up for yesterday’s lack of a post, I’ve decided to pretend I’m Oprah and share “My Favorite Things” with you all!

Before you get too excited, I should probably clarify something: when I say “share” I mean “show”. Unlike Oprah, my pocketbook doesn’t permit me to give away hundreds of luxury bath towels to all of my fans.

Also unlike Oprah, I don’t really have fans…unless you count Jolie, who wouldn’t even appreciate luxury bath towels in the first place, so really, it’s a moot point.

However, I do have a shopping problem and opinion…giving you a rundown of my favorite products as of late just seemed like a good idea.

So, without further ado, my five go-to items for Summer 2012.

1. Mood Moss

Mood Moss

Obviously, Mood Moss is moss that sets the mood.

Unless you ask my sister Hayley. Then mood moss is “A biologically correct replica of the Jolly Green Giant’s testicles.”

Pfft. Shows how much she knows. (Although her comment did make me question my..err…groping in the photo above.)

Anyone who watches Khloe and Lamar knows that Khloe Kardashian keeps an oversized bowl full off mood moss on the island in her kitchen. Would an A-list celebrity like Khloe keep the Jolly Green Giant’s testicles in her home?

I think not.

All ball jokes aside, I’m kind of obsessed with the stuff and think it looks pretty darn swanky on my coffee table.

Mood Moss

Or, as Hayley calls it, my “testicle table”.


2. Monogrammed Coffee Mugs

monogrammed coffee mugs

Don’t you just hate when you walk into Anthropologie and find the most perfect sundress in the whole wide world only to realize it costs $400?

But then don’t you love when you realize you can drown your sorrows by purchasing a pair of $6 coffee mugs instead? Already, I’ve used these mugs way more than I would have worn that silly old dress in the first place. Talk about smart shopping.

FYI, the “K” stands for Katrina, and the “S” stands for Sexy. (It used to stand for “Scott”, but he never drinks out of his cup. You snooze, you lose.)


3. Tassimo Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Tassimo single cup coffee maker

I originally tried to take a photo of me kissing the coffee maker. Unfortunately, it came off as less “cute” and more “inappropriate”.

This magical appliance was a Christmas gift from my younger brother Janss. It’s also the reason I needed to purchase the coffee mugs featured above. I realize this might come as a shock, but I haven’t visited Starbucks or Caribou Coffee once since we busted this thing open in March.

The Tassimo has literally saved me hundreds of dollars and thousands of calories. (Hasta la vista, caramel macchiato!)

More importantly, it has rescued me from my Caribou-Starbucks love triangle, which quite frankly, was starting to get a little awkward.

Unfortunately, my husband Scott (aka the King of Composting) is not on board with the Tassimo as the coffee filled t-discs it requires are (gasp!) not recyclable or compostable.

(This is the other reason the “S” coffee mug is no longer named “Scott”.)


4. Polenta!


Normally, I am opposed to food that comes from a tube.

I’m also typically opposed to photographing myself holding such food in my master bathroom.

Melissa’s organic sun-dried tomato polenta is the exception to both of these rules. Scott and I decided to try it last week, and holy wow! 

The stuff is delicious, healthy, and can be prepared in a variety of ways that are sure to suit almost any palette. It’s actually quite hard for me to believe that all this time, my precious polenta has been sitting there in the grocery store, right next to the organic herbs, just waiting for me to try it.

It’s almost like after ten years of living in an apartment, you realize Jessica Simpson just so happens to be your next-door neighbor, and has been patiently waiting for you to ask her out on a coffee date.

Except instead of Jessica Simpson, it’s coarsely ground cornmeal, and let’s be honest…J-Simps definitely doesn’t live in an apartment.

But other than those minor details, it’s pretty much the same thing.


5. Macy’s Hotel Collection MicroCotton Luxe bath towels

Bath towel

Yes, I went there.

I’ve been lusting over these towels since I nearly added them to our wedding gift registry in way back 2007. Yet $30 for a single towel always seemed slightly ludicrous.

But you know what’s really ludicrous?

Moving half-way across the country during the middle of winter and not rewarding yourself with a set of $30-a-pop bath towels. (And a new Louis Vuitton handbag, but that’s an entirely different story.)

I’ve gotta say…these luxurious linens were worth every single penny. In fact, I’ve considered hiring a professional tailor to make all of my clothes out of these sinfully plush towels. They are that comfy. Sure, wearing towel clothes could get a little, well, sweaty…but that’s the beauty of it! They’re towels! Absorbent and stylish!

Okay…maybe not stylish.

So much for my theory that anything looks cute if you “belt it”.

Towel Dress

And certainly not flattering.

And yes–crafting towel dresses a la Project Runway is what I do in my free time. When I’m not on eBay trying to find good deals on the Jolly Green Giant body parts, that is.

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