If my life were a Crate & Barrel Commercial

Day 2 of January Blog a Day: Two


Please tell me you guys have seen Crate & Barrel’s awesome holiday commercial?

The instant my Top Chef Seattle marathon was interrupted by this little gem of an advertisement, I was enamored. The music was beautiful, the concept was simple, and the whole thing felt so incredibly charming. (Plus, as a designer I gravitate towards things that highlight beautiful typography.) It was love at first viewing.

In case you haven’t seen the commercial (and don’t feel like taking 30 seconds to watch it) I’ll provide a brief synopsis. The entire advertisement is a play off the Crate and Barrel logo. They simply swap out the “Crate” and “Barrel” with other words that just “go” together. Coincidentally, many of these words are things you can actually purchase at Crate & Barrel. (Think “Spoons & Licks”, “Oven & Spatula” and “Timer & Ding”.)

Upon further investigation, I discovered the commercial is entitled “Mother & Daughter”, and tells the story of baking cookies for the holidays, using an array products from Crate & Barrel. Cue the collective awwwwww.

While I really do love the commercial, I couldn’t help but to find it a tad unrelatable. Being in Minnesota this past Christmas meant I didn’t actually get to bake any cookies with my mom. Even if we had gotten together to do some cooking, now that I’m vegan our pairings would have been more along the lines of “Earth Balance & Nutritional Yeast Flakes”. Obviously, this is not Crate & Barrel’s fault. How were they supposed to know that .00001% of their demographic would be stranded in the Midwest eating nothing but plant-based holiday treats?

Instead of feeling forlorn, I’m opting to use today’s theme of “two” to create my own list of pairs that represent a day in the life of moi.

(Try to imagine that cute little theme song in the background as you read these.)

I guess this means the moral of the story is that coffee is bad…?

(This is why I didn’t go into commercial writing.)

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