Guest Post: Top 12 Tweets of 2012

Guest post by David Weiss

Well, we did it. We made it through another year! 2012 is history. 2013 — here we come! I’ll leave the 2012 recaps to Matt Lauer and Ellen. However, what I will do to help you put a bow on 2012 is to present Katrina’s Top 12 Tweets of 2012. You may have noticed she did something similar last year. I came up with the brilliant idea last year and yes, it was my idea to write about each others top tweets this year. Wow, I totally sound like a pompous d-bag right now. You can ask Katrina — I’m definitely not. I just like to give (or rather receive) credit when credit is due!

So pop that bottle of bubbly. Turn down the volume on that bowl game. Put Taylor Swift and One Direction in the corner for a minute and enjoy these 12 unique tweets by the one and only, Katrina Taylor.

Best Means Justifying The Ends Tweet

That must have been a huge sacrifice. I mean I don’t even know how it was possible to endure the granny panties for so long. What an accomplishment, Scott. I sure hope the lovely sight of Victoria once again was worth the wait!

Best Winston Churchill Tweet

Katrina rarely tweets about noble, unselfish causes, but when she does, even Winston would be proud.

Best You Probably Didn’t Want To Know That But Now You Do Tweet

I’m going to let you all in on another secret. I too am a teeth grinder, but unlike Katrina, I haven’t done anything about it. If she can make ‘Sota sexy, do we have any doubts she can make a mouthguard sexy? I didn’t think so.

PS — Raise your hand if you think Katrina’s first Instagram photo of 2013 should be her + guard.

Best Sarcastic Like Brian Williams Tweet

Who doesn’t like a sarcastic Brian Williams? Sometimes you need a dose of reality, even if football is on. Thanks, Katrina.

Best Tweet Never Mentioned At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Stephen Colbert definitely would have said this if he was around during the Clinton years.

Best Katrina Being Katrina Tweet

Alright, this might sound like a dumb thing to say. Some might even go as far as saying she had a blonde moment. At first glance, that’s what it sounds like, but upon further review, I bet you’ll find you were wondering the same thing…if you’re blonde.

Best Everyone’s Thinking It But No One’s Saying It Tweet

This is why everyone needs a little Katrina in their life. Are you following her on Twitter? You should so you can be treated to 140 character long reflections on society that most of us can relate to.

Best People Are Weird Tweet

I’m not really sure if Katrina ever wrote about bringing flasks to the Minnesota State Fair. I wouldn’t put it past her. However, I do seriously question that she would want to hang out with this person. This person sounds cray cray. #justsaying

Best Fashionista Tweet

Acknowledging that Russel Brand clearly steals clothes from KP? Solid observation.

Best Collegiate Tweet

Call me a college kid or call me unhealthy, but I could eat pizza for days too. Fact.

Best FML Tweet

I have to believe Katrina isn’t the only lady to have faced this unfortunate situation. I’m sure other women show up to the bowling alley in 7″ heels and gladiator sandals. But you know what? I don’t really feel sorry for them. I’ve seen the size of your average handbag and believe me, it can fit a pair of socks. In the words of the ESPN Monday Night Countdown crew, “C’Mon Man!”

Best Lindsay Lohan Impersonation Tweet

That’s totally something LiLo would do…if she was wearing underwear.

A BIG thanks to Katrina for giving me the honor of selecting her finest tweets from 2012. It’s been a great year for both of us and our families and actually we’re already thinking about how we can join our forces of awesomeness even more in 2013. Stay tuned!

Now, before you turn on Ryan Seacrest, do me a solid. Head over to my blog and read Katrina’s version of my Top 12 Tweets of 2012. Happy New Year!

~ David F. Weiss


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