Friday Night Dinner

First off, I found a fabulous new restaurant in Small Town! It was the perfect treat after an exhausting day of moving into our new condo.

I believe Scott’s exact words when he saw what I was wearing to said restaurant were “You realize we’re going to a bar. That serves bar food.”

My response? “Duh. Why do you think I wore polka dots?”

The “bar” ended up being a swanky wine and alehouse that Scott described as “Something straight out of Ballard!” Other remarks from the husband included “There’s so many trendy people here!” and “Hey…I think that table of girls over there looks like they should be your friends.”

They were wearing infinity scarves and boots with leggings. Of course they should be my friends.

I didn’t have the courage to go up to them and demand their approval and companionship, but I did manage to flash my Louis Vuitton at them multiple times, hoping it would somehow convince them to invite me over to their table.

Whatevs. Scott wouldn’t mind eating alone.

polka dot dress and boots

They never did invite me over. Maybe the have something against polka dots?


Dress: Target, Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT, Jeans: Express, Boots:, Necklace: H&M


Harness: Wonder Walker via All The Best Pet Care (Ballard) Custom Rhinestone Dog Tag: All the Best Pet Care (Ballard)

**We had this dog tag custom-made for Jolie and encrusted in pink and purple rhinestones. Because she needed it. Anyway, when it arrived in the mail we were rolling on the floor laughing over the fact that the tag had been mistakenly engraved with the name “Jolly”.

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