Let them eat pie! 2

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Tomorrow, Scott and I are preparing Thanksgiving dinner for twelve–yes, twelve–people. I adore hosting and couldn’t be more exciting to celebrate our first “real” holiday in our new home.

Translation: I’m going to make this a production of Martha Stewart proportions if it kills me.

I took the day off from work to cook, clean, decorate, and cook some more. Here’s what we’ll be serving up tomorrow…


Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip – My first time making this…but you really can’t go wrong with cranberries, jalapeños and cream cheese, right?


Smoky Peppercorn Turkey  – Brined and seasoned using this kit.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes – Scott’s recipe. It only exists in his head…otherwise I’d post a link.

Magic Gravy — Again….the instructions are locked in Scott’s brain. He’ll probably whip it up while singing the infamous “I want some gravy” song we composed seven years ago. He belts it like an 80’s hair rocker, and I help him harmonize. It’s kind of amazing.

Elegant Turkey Stuffing — Stuffing is easily my favorite part of the Thanksgiving feast. I’ve been using this recipe since our first Thanksgiving in 2007, and have sworn by it ever since. Not to brag or anything…but this recipe has become somewhat legendary in my family.  It’s kind of a big deal.

Ultimate Green Bean Casserole — Use canned soup in my green beans? Never! (Especially since they were organically grown in my neighbor’s garden.)

Yummy Sweet Potato Casserole – I’ll be subbing sweetened condensed milk for the 2% stuff when I make this. Because if you can’t throw caution calories to the win on Thanksgiving, when can you?

Cranberry Sauce Extraordinaire – This stuff (pictured above, in progress) has everything but the kitchen sink in it. I’m talking pears, apples, oranges, nuts, dried pineapple and cherries…the works! It’s a ton of effort but is truly the best cranberry sauce you’ll ever have the pleasure of binge eating at 2 in the morning on top of a giant bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Rosemary Potato Rolls — This is a new recipe for us, which is why Scott’s taking ownership. Super excited to try something a little different than boring old dinner rolls. We’re also making herbed lemon butter to go with!


Apple Pie by Grandma Ople – She’s not my grandma…but I’ll certainly steal her pie recipe!

Sweet Potato Pie with Gingersnap Crust — I made this last year, and it was divine. Better than pumpkin pie, in my opinion. (Although my Uncle’s bringing pumpkin pie, so we’ll have one of those, too!)

Classic Pecan Pie — I love this recipe as it doesn’t use Karo syrup.

Caramel Pecan Pie — Easily my favorite dessert ever. So rich, so fatty, so good.

Rumchata Pumpkin Pie Martinis – We already ate 6,000 calories…why not add insult to injury with a cocktail that might as well be a double cheeseburger?


What are you cooking up tomorrow? I’m always on the lookout for new dishes and wove to see some of your favorite recipes in the comments!

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Thankfully, I’m ridiculous 1

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This weekend I purchased a poultry carcass that weighs more than all three of my pets combined, not to mention enough chicken broth to fill our entire bathtub twice. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited!

In keeping with last year’s tradition, I’ve decided to list 8 ridiculous, wonky, possibly offensive things I’m legitimately grateful for this year. Don’t get me wrong — I still totally appreciate all the “important” stuff…but isn’t it way more fun to read about the time I peed my pants at CrossFit?

(I was doing double unders…okay?)

(Also…the answer is “yes”. Reading about jump rope accidents is always the most fun option.)



1. I’m thankful that when Penny bit my neighbor this weekend, he was wearing gloves so no skin was broken. (She’s not always as dainty as she appears.)




2. I’m thankful this scabby chin zit elected to show up this weekend…as opposed to smack dab in the middle of all the photo-ops this Thursday.

3. I’m thankful that Lars woke up in the middle of the night and ate/wrestled with/destroyed half of the cookies I baked this weekend, which ultimately meant I ate fewer of them. (I’m going to Hawaii in two months…that bikini is not going to wear itself, people!)

4. I’m thankful that when I kinda, sorta peed a little bit while jumping rope CrossFit last week, no one seemed to think any less of me. Even when I mistakenly yelled, “Oh no…I think I just peed!” (I also felt confused–but mostly just thankful. Apparently such incidents are common occurrences in CrossFit…?)

5. I’m thankful that Scott has agreed not to tell anyone I decided to break down and use store-bought pie crusts for Thanksgiving this year.

6. I’m thankful I come from a family with a sense of humor.


“Haywees” = my sister Hayley

7. I’m thankful I wasn’t actually with my family for that dinner. While I love a double entendre involving food as much as the next gal, I find the idea of salmon steaks and polish sausage served together quite unappetizing. (Also–those polishes look kind of burnt, right?)

8. I’m thankful my mother doesn’t regularly read this blog, and probably won’t realize I just publicly dissed her culinary efforts on the internet. I swear…she’s a really good cook 99 percent of the time.


What unconventional things are you thankful for this season? Anyone else resorting to Pillsbury pie crusts this Thursday?

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Yelp is the sincerest form of flattery 1

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A conversation while getting ready for work this morning:

Scott: Hey…want to see my first Yelp review?

Katrina: We’re late. Can I see it in the car?

Scott: OK.

Two minutes later

Scott: Hey…come read this Yelp review.

Katrina: Hold your horses! I’ll read it in the car.

Scott: Want me to just read it to you?

Katrina: What did you even write a review on, anyway?

Scott: No…someone else wrote a review about me. For the dermatology clinic!

I’d mistakenly assumed Scott had taken up Yelping as an outlet for expressing his comedic opinions and charmingly cynical worldview. A review about him? Suddenly, his eagerness made much more sense.

Grinning ear to ear, he quickly shoved his phone in my face.



I couldn’t help but giggle as I looked up, only to see my husband having a total ‘Clarice loves Rudolph’ moment.



He’s been prancing around like a proud little show pony ever since.

(If show ponies had braces and spurted out lots of swear words, that is.)

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Treat Yo Self 4

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The holidays are officially in full swing. I’ve ordered Christmas cards, started crafting our Thanksgiving table scape,  and have gotten this close to pulling out the pre-lit tree at least five times.

(The only thing stopping me? There won’t be room for the all-important “kids table” at Thanksgiving if I bust out old faithful early.)

While the holidays are fun, festive and fabulous…they can also be busy, stressful and overwhelming. Every year, I like to indulge in a few things that keep me healthy, de-stressed, and calm. (I also “gift” myself an annual woman’s exam…but that’s an entirely different blog post.)

Here are the three non-OBGYN “treats” I have planned for myself this December.

1. Aloha Daily Good Greens


I’ve been seeing this whole food powder all over the internet, and am super intrigued. It’s basically a packet you add to your water, smoothie or even oatmeal. Each pouch contains 34 calories and is jam-packed with tons of organic fruits and veggies. Think of it as convenient, instant, mess-free green juice.

I have to say — I really like the idea of receiving a small bundle of powder packets in the mail as opposed to a giant box that doubles as a cooler and contains twenty pounds of glass juice bottles.

(Translation? It’s discreet enough where Scott won’t notice it, throw a hissy fit, and end up spending 2 hours figuring out how to recycle all of the packaging.)

I just signed up for the free 14-day trial on their site. Here goes nothing!


2. Aerial Yoga


I literally woke up one morning last week thinking, “I really want to try aerial yoga!”

Mostly because I yearn to wear a leotard and post lots of graceful looking photos on Instagram…but…er…also for the health benefits?

I’ve since convinced my sister to take a class with me while I’m in Seattle next month. I realize careening from a silk cocoon could end in disaster…but something about having next of kin there with me feels reassuring.


3. Ice Bar

I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those fancy, fur-lined, over-the-top ice hotels in Eastern Europe. Being that I’m not traveling to Romania anytime soon, I figured the Ice Bar at the Le Meridien Chambers hotel in Minneapolis would be a better choice as A, there’s booze, and B, I don’t have to sleep on a frozen mattress.


I’ve been so excited to coerce poor Scott into dropping $18 on a mediocre cocktail so I might miserably sip on it while attempting to look chic in the freezing cold. What could be more fun?

Tragically, I just learned that the 8-year-old tradition of Le Meridien’s ice bar will not be continued this year. But it gets worse. So much worse. The state’s only other ice bar, located on the shores of Lake Superior  (you bet your britches I would have made that four-hour drive!) is also closing this winter.

WTF, Minnesota?!

Sure, I’ll be traveling to Nebraska and Washington next month…but I’m almost certain both destinations are, well, lacking in the frozen tavern department.

Bah freaking humbug.

(Scott suggested I whip up a bloody mary and drink it in the backyard as it would be exactly the same thing. Men just don’t understand!)


What are you treating yourself to this holiday season? Any tips on how I might get my ice bar groove on without hitching a flight to Bucharest?

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